Georgie Bryant

As secretary, Georgie ensures that things in GSOC are organised and run smoothly. She is responsible for the meeting minutes and communicating with members.

Studying: German and Italian
Favourite German Word: Gluhbirne
Favourite German City: Cologne
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Maybe a translator for a foreign embassy working with German and Italian.
Favourite thing about GSOC: They are the most fun and friendly, yet whacky society I’ve met so far and it makes everyone feel welcome, even if they don’t study German.
Favourite GSOC Moment: I’ve literally loved every moment of GSOC this year – but my favourite was visiting the exotic zoo on tour in Hamburg where A.Humpf got chased by a goat.

Should you need to contact Georgie, email her at: g.bryant@warwick.ac.uk